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Making MRI universally accessible

Portable. Affordable. Easy-to-use.

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We develop an MRI system that anybody can use. The AI-powered intuitive interface and system design allow for complete control of the device and a more efficient use of patient and operator time.



We reduce the cost of an MRI system by 20x, while keeping image quality at a high level. There is no need for infrastructure adjustments, highly expensive maintenance or specialized cooling systems.


We bring MRI directly to the patient. By reducing the weight of an MRI system from several tons to only a few hundred kilograms, the DeepSpin system can be moved around easily. This not only enhances the convenience for operators and patients, but also allows for completely new use cases.


Real AI-powered MRI

Not just post-processing, but a new paradigm.


Less weight

Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of our system. We don't just use it as a performance enhancing "add-on" like in other new MRI-systems. Portability and a completely open field of view are only the beginning. These methods also enable us to create completely novel system architectures and product designs far beyond any existing systems.

We are starting a new paradigm of real AI-powered MRI.

Our mission:

Making MRI universally accessible.

While Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a powerful imaging modality which enables superior contrasts compared to all other modalities, it is still inaccessible for 7 out of 10 people worldwide. And even in the developed world MRI remains an exclusive and expensive procedure unavailable for a number of medical domains.

We want to democratize MRI and make its benefits available to everybody who needs it, independent of resources.

First Mission@33x.png

Improving the standard of care in a number of medical domains

Second Mission@33x.png

Rethinking monitoring and early detection of life-threatening diseases

Third Mission@33x.png

Enabling access to MRI in developing countries

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